Posted in October 2012

Freaks and The Fly

This week was Halloween week (a little early of course), so my class got to watch probably the scariest movies a university is allowed to show without prior warning. AKA they were more disgusting odd, than scary. First up for the doubleheader was the 1932 film, Freaks . I’m trying to find the best way to say this… … Continue reading

The Face in the Crowd

Did they know? Did the audience going to the movie theater in 1957 know that Elia Kazan had stumbled upon at 30 year old man who was about to become one of the most beloved, most recognizable man in America for half a century? Did Kazan even know? I wonder if that is why he … Continue reading

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) is unlike any movie we have watched in my class so far. In the film, as in real life, Jean-Do Bauby suffers from Locked-In syndrome, a condition where his entire body is paralyzed, but his mind still functions as before. This adaptation comes from a memoir Bauby wrote … Continue reading

The Night of the Iquana

The Night of the Iquana (1964) is an adaptation of Tennessee William’s play by the same name. The story centers around Rev. Larry Shannon, an Episcopal priest who was removed from his church for preaching atheist ideals, Maxine, the manager of a hotel in Puerto Vallarta and Hannah, a forty-year old spinster to travels the world with her ailing grandfather. Directed … Continue reading