No One Hates Twilight More than Rob Pattinson Hates Twilight…

This is not a spoiler-free post, so if you care about Twilight, maybe you should go see the movie first.

It’s finally here! The final installment in the wayyyy too drawn out Twilight series opened Friday and my roommates became overly excited preteens. I’m not a Twilight fan; I’ll admit I read the books in high school and I’ve seen all the movies, but it’s not exactly my cup of tea. In fact, I probably shouldn’t have gone to see Breaking Dawn Pt 2 because I never saw part 1.  I never even finished the book. Jacob imprinted on a newborn baby and I said “I’m done”.  I read the ending on Wikipedia.

But I did go to see Breaking Dawn pt 2, and I have to say, I was mediocrely impressed. This film franchise has actually improved with age. Kristen Stewart has more emotions than she did in Twilight (which is good, because that film came out in 2008 and I would really hope her acting would improve over four years). Taylor Lautner doesn’t look like a 16 year old trying to beef up for a role that is basically inhuman to create (Seriously Stephanie Meyers, who goes from a gawky 15 year old to a hot, muscular 25 year old basically overnight?), but instead actually looks the way Jacob was supposed to look in the books.

The real challenge with this final film was creating a climax that people would actually want to see. There isn’t a climax in the book, coming from a creative writing standpoint. Stuff happens… but nothing really happens. I’m honestly glad I never read it because I would have been really disappointed. So how do you transfer that to screen if there are people, like me, who didn’t even finish reading the book. It would have been a complete letdown, people asking for ticket refunds, basically the biggest disaster of the franchise (and you all know it’s true, the book was just “ehhh”). But the filmmakers give us the blood, the fighting, the deaths that this book was missing — all through a vision. It’s actually perfect. The real climax, the fight in the woods that never happens, still gets to happen. It shocks the audience because some of their favorite characters are brutally killed. But then you learn, it’s just vision. It didn’t actually happen. The story line remains true to the last book.

It’s almost sad these movies are finally over, but it’s mostly because I will never get any more gems of Robert Pattinson expressing his complete hatred of this series. I’m guessing he didn’t read the books before he auditioned for Edward Cullen because it seems like each new part just shocks and annoys him even more. For your viewing pleasure, these are some of my favorites:






I’ll be sad to see this go.


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