The Face in the Crowd

Did they know? Did the audience going to the movie theater in 1957 know that Elia Kazan had stumbled upon at 30 year old man who was about to become one of the most beloved, most recognizable man in America for half a century? Did Kazan even know? I wonder if that is why he … Continue reading

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) is unlike any movie we have watched in my class so far. In the film, as in real life, Jean-Do Bauby suffers from Locked-In syndrome, a condition where his entire body is paralyzed, but his mind still functions as before. This adaptation comes from a memoir Bauby wrote … Continue reading

The Night of the Iquana

The Night of the Iquana (1964) is an adaptation of Tennessee William’s play by the same name. The story centers around Rev. Larry Shannon, an Episcopal priest who was removed from his church for preaching atheist ideals, Maxine, the manager of a hotel in Puerto Vallarta and Hannah, a forty-year old spinster to travels the world with her ailing grandfather. Directed … Continue reading

Rear Window

I always used to avoid Alfred Hitchcock films. I thought they were terrifying, even though my only frame-of-reference was The Birds, which I found mildly alarming at best. I was pleasantly surprised with Rear Window, which didn’t create an overwhelming fear in me (though I don’t know if that is because I read the short … Continue reading

Gunga Din

Years ago, in my AP World History class, we read “White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling and I can remember how unbelievably upset I was to find out that the author of the Jungle Book was beyond racist. Even though there are some terrible moments with brown-face and yes, Kipling was incredibly racist, but Gunga … Continue reading

Ghost World

Quirky has always been cool, at least to Enid and Rebecca, the stars of Ghost World(2001).  Never conform, being popular is for losers and every hipster is better than the people around them – that’s the mentality Enid and Rebecca as they graduate high school in this coming-of-age tale. Ghost World, written by Daniel Clowes, who also penned the … Continue reading


Let’s take a second and ignore the fact that the opening credits for Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and staring Ryan Gosling, say “based off the book by James Sallis“. Ignore the characters with the same names (though drastically different personalities and roles), ignore the altered plot points and the chronological versus scattered story-telling. I read Drive Sunday … Continue reading


Spike Jonze’s story within a story (within a story) film Adaptation. (2002) highlights the struggle with adapting a film from a novel. Named one of the best films of 2002, and with countless Oscar nominations, I went into this film expecting to be wow’d, but I came away just trying to process what I had watched. … Continue reading